[ne_semantic_video video_id=”8N-MWpyisSQ” title=”Building Our Greenhouse 2016″ upload_time=”2016-06-04T06:15:09.000Z” description=”This is what has kept me busy this spring. Some footage from the build! FAQ: Size: 6x4m The Swedish reseller is Willab Garden AB – The houses are manufactured” duration=”PT18M7S”]

Having a greenhouse these days is gaining in importance and with a bit of creativity, one can be built with relatively little cost and space. They are perfect for starting hardy sprouts from seeds and we see an extremely high germination rate. The plants that are grown in the greenhouse are not getting the chemicals sprayed on them from the air and are safe from critters eating them at first sprout. Everything seems to grow so much faster in the greenhouse and the plants even glow with a beautiful look of abundant nutrition.