Friday, September 22, 2017

Grow Tent and Everything Else You Need for Hydroponic Farming

Growing plants is not easy. It requires fertile land, sufficient amount of water and conducive climate. Because of these requirements, it is difficult to grow food plants at most places. Everything required to grow plants must be available at a place before anyone can start farming there. A place may have fertile land but not the water. Another place may have cultivable land and water but it may lack right climate. All such problems can be solved with the help of hydroponic systems that use greenhouse grow tent, grow trays and some other items to grow plants.

What Is Hydroponic Farming?

Plants require soil to grow. A hydroponic setup built inside a grow tent does away with this requirement. A unique technique is used in this system to grow plants. There is no use of soil. Rather, plants are grown in water that has been enriched with micro nutrients. It is quite an old technique and has been used in different ways since long to grow plants. The basic technique in a hydroponic system remains same across all hydroponic farming systems. A hydroponic setup is designed inside a greenhouse grow tent in such a way that the plant receives all its required nutrients directly from the nutrient rich water. Because plants do not have to spend their energy searching water and nutrients, they grow very healthy, in full form and without defects.

What Is the Importance of Hydroponic Farming?

The world’s population is increasing rapidly. Traditional farming is failing to provide the amount of foods needed by this growing population. Unless innovative farming techniques like hydroponic systems are used, there is no way every person in this world can find required amounts of foods. A big problem with traditional farming is that foods are grown far away from cities where most people live. A large amount of energy and other resources are needed to transport foods from farms to the consumers in cities. A hydroponic farm setup can be built even near the city. This technique can be used for multilevel farming. It helps avoid unnecessary use of resources, making it an environment friendly farming technique.

Types of Hydroponic Systems

Some of the major hydroponic systems include:
1. Water Culture – It is a very simple hydroponic system. A tank containing water rich in nutrients is used in this system. The plants are grown in such a way that the roots are immersed completely in the water. An air pump similar to the one used in a fish tank is used to keep the water oxygenated.

2. Drip System – It is similar to drip irrigation system. The difference is that the plants are grown inside a grow tent not in soil but in a medium that lets the roots grow. The medium kept in the grow tray is able to hold nutrient rich water supplied by the elevated water jet system. The water that collects at the bottom of the medium holder is collected below in a water tank. This water is circulated back in the system. This system requires regularly checking the pH level of the water.

3. Wick System – It is a simple passive system without any moving parts. A wick goes from the water tank to the growing medium of the plant. The wick supplies nutrient rich water to the plant root. It is an excellent way to use water in the most efficient way.

4. Aeroponic System – It is a high-tech medium whereas an environment of misty air is the main growing medium. The plant’s root hangs in this misty air inside a controlled environment. This setup requires use of electronic systems to control and regulate the misting cycle every few minutes.

Many other innovative hydroponic systems are in use. Large hydroponic systems require use of a greenhouse grow tent. The reason so many different systems are in use is because all types of plants cannot be grown using only one system. You have to use a particular hydroponic system depending on the type of plant you want to grow. You will need grow tent, grow trays and other hydroponic supplies to set up your hydroponic farming system.

Benefits of Growing Plants Using Hydroponic Systems
A hydroponic system looks complex to the people who have never ventured in this field. However, it is a very simple farming method. Once you have set up everything in place, the whole system works automatically with minimum intervention. Some of the major benefits of hydroponic farming include:
• You can grow plants anywhere inside a grow tent, even within the city area.
• There is efficient use of resources in this type of farming.
• There is 90% less use of water compared to traditional outdoor soil farming.
• Multilevel farming of small plants is possible.
• A wide variety of food plants can be grown using this system.
• Unlike traditional farming, there is less requirements for labor and machinery in hydroponic farming.
• Maximum control is possible over water, nutrients, temperature, light, fertilizer and pests.
• It results in high-yield, fast growth, frequent harvests and healthy plants.
• High commercial value due to healthy, clean and good looking produces.
• More vegetables per acre can be grown compared to traditional land farms.

All such advantages make hydroponic farming a favorite with people who want to enjoy healthy foods. Hydroponic gardening can be as simple as using a bucket at home or very complex systems that require use of grow tent, hydroponic trays and other items. A small area is sufficient to grow plants in hydroponic medium. The area must be covered properly with a good grow tent to control the environment. It ensures healthy growth of plants and produces. You can install your hydroponic setup at home, in the garden or on your farm.

You can order grow tent, grow trays, growing medium, micro nutrient solutions, pipes, tanks, air pumps, water pumps and all other hydroponic supplies from hydroponic stores. Whether you are planning a small, medium or large hydroponic gardening system, you will find all resources and solutions at [] website. This online store has all products, tools and resources you need to setup and run your own hydroponic farming system. Find some great deals and discounts on grow tent and other hydroponic supplies.

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